Both the documentaries and the books published [about Vivian Maier] so far promote the Mary-Poppins-with-a-camera enigma. But the BBC film (like a WTTW report that was among the first pieces of coverage) includes interviews with Pamela Bannos, a photographer and senior lecturer at Northwestern who specializes in historical projects. She says the nanny narrative, honed by men who control Maier’s legacy and “like a good story,” gives the photographer “short shrift.”

Is posthumously famous photographer Vivian Maier’s legacy doing her justice? 

Pamela Bannos, from series The Light, 2008-2012, archival inkjet print, 30 x 40 inches

image from the group exhibition Light and the Unseen,

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Vivian Maier in Central Park
April 22, 1955
Vintage transparency from the Ron Slattery Collection
Ektachrome 120 film, 12 ASA, E-2 processed

(via Pamela Bannos: Vivian Maier project)

Victoria Von Hagen, October Vogue 1952 (by dovima_is_devine_II)

James Nizam, Shard of Light, 2011


Shikanosuke Yagaki, Grasshopper on wall, 1930s

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(via Pamela Bannos - Amnesia)
from, Amnesia, selenium toned silver print, 2003 

July 23, 2012, over the stormy sky between NYC and Chicago.


Popular shoulder length hairstyle worn by teenagers.

Tulsa, OK, US
July 1947By
Nina Leen

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March 24, 2012. Sky over the Rocky Mountains.

Pamela Bannos, Venice, September 3, 2011.

Pamela Bannos, micro, 2002.
20x16” selenium toned silver print